Top 10 Content Marketing World Vendors By Integrations

A critical part of any new technology evaluation and analysis is how that new technology integrates with what you already have and what you might plan to add going forward. With the many content marketing software vendors that exhibited at Content Marketing World 2016, we thought it would be useful to analyze who integrates with whom and rank them accordingly. Below is the top 10 and further analysis of each. You can also get this as a matrix-chart we will be releasing soon that includes all vendors and how they integrate with each other.

1. Marketo (integrates with Newscred, Ion Interactive, Uberflip, Workfront, SnapApp, Marketing.AI, Percolate, Vidyard, Trendemon, WebDAM, Demandbase, Sprinklr, Skyword, Brightcove, Reachforce, Madison Logic, Smartling, On24, Curata, Everstring, LinkedIn Marketing Solutions): Marketo, while being known as a Marketing Automation vendor rather than a content marketing software is head and shoulders above the rest on the list. This fits with their vision and commitment to integrations laid out when they launched their Launchpoint initiative. Unlike some other marketing automation vendors that seek to offer everything under one roof, Marketo has taken more of the Salesforce Appexchange approach in terms of being a platform that others connect to and thus vendors in the content marketing space have sought out building integrations with them. Thus, for companies seriously considering buying best-of-breed content marketing software vendors individually, Marketo should be high on the list for marketing automation vendors.

2. Sitecore (integrates with Percolate, SnapApp, WebDAM, Smartling, Widen, Lionbridge, Curata): Sitecore is a Content Management System for Enterprises. While they haven’t attracted as many integrations as Marketo, they are tops for CMS vendors in terms of integrations from exhibitors at the show.

Tied for 3. Ion Interactive (integrates with Brightcove, Act-On, Uberflip, Demandbase, Marketo): Ion shares top spot for content marketing software vendors that integrate with others at the show.  Three of those integrations are with marketing automation / marketing cloud vendors, but this integration tally still shows a commitment to facilitating a unified experience for marketers across different systems.

Act-on (integrates with SnapApp, Ion Interactive, Vidyard, Trendemon, Uberflip): Act-On is also a marketing automation vendor like Marketo. Perhaps unsurprisingly, the 5 integrations they have are with vendors that are also on this list.

Uberflip (integrates with Ion Interactive, Brightcove, Act-On, Vidyard, Marketo): Like Ion, Uberflip tops the list in terms of content marketing software vendors for integrations with other #cmworld vendors. They have made a commitment to integrations with a robust and well-documented API.

Tied for 6. Workfront (integrates with WebDAM, Widen, Atomize, Marketo): Workfront has shown a commitment to integrating with the Digital Asset Management systems like WebDAM and Widen, while also covering integrations with marketing automation and a content calendar system.

Silverpop (integrates with Trendemon, Demandbase, Acrolinx): As a marketing automation vendor, Silverpop has some specialized integrations such as Acrolinx and Trendemon.

SnapApp (integrates with Act-On, Vidyard, Sitecore, Marketo): SnapApp has a nice mix of marketing automation, CMS, and video marketing integrations.

Tied for 10. The remaining Top 10 vendors each have 3 integrations, which vary from marketing automation, to CMS, workflow, and content promotion.

Newscred (Outbrain, Marketo, LinkedIn Marketing Solutions)

Percolate (Sitecore, Marketo, LinkedIn MS)

Vidyard (SnapApp, Act-On, Marketo)

Trendemon (Act-On, Silverpop, Marketo)

WebDAM (Sitecore, Workfront, Marketo)

Demandbase (Silverpop, Sitecore, Marketo)

Widen (Sitecore, Mediamobz, Workfront)

Outbrain (Newscred, Skyword, Brightcove)

Sprinklr (Silverpop, Marketo, LinkedIn MS)

LinkedIn Marketing Solutions (Newscred, Percolate, Sprinklr)

Linking up and identifying how overlapping content marketing software solutions fit together and with the rest of your marketing stack can be confusing. As mentioned you can get our matrix-chart or sign-up for early access to the digital transformation software solution that simplifies how you evaluate, review and adopt technologies across your stack.


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