What is a touchpoint inventory?

In the context of digital transformation, customer experience planning, and customer journey mapping, you may have heard of a touchpoint inventory. In this post we’ll explain what that is, how to use it, and what benefit you get from the exercise.

Definition: A touchpoint inventory is both the process and the result of gathering together all the customer touchpoints that make up a customer experience journey for all journeys and all customers that a business has.

Here we use the term “customer” loosely, as not all organizations have customers. Some have stakeholders or taxpayers for instance, but here you can insert those in place of customer. Also, an organization can plan experience journeys for internal customers, like employees that going through onboarding and a lifecycle, or internal customers for specific reports.

The key benefits of a touchpoint inventory are:

How you conduct a touchpoint inventory:

We discuss this in more detail in the post on how to gather a touchpoint inventory. In short, you conduct a touchpoint inventory by finding the right interface for collecting the touchpoints and then you make a comprehensive list and connect the points to each other and other elements such as teams and technologies.  

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