5 Reasons You Need to Actively Market the Change You Want to Create

Recently it occurred to me that when companies do Journey Mapping or Process Redesign exercises what they are really doing is trying to understand where they are today, where they need to get to and what changes they need to make to get there. The trouble is that it’s not enough to logically uncover the changes that need to be made, you need to get people to actively buy-in to those changes and the actions to bring them about or everyday life routines will quickly get in the way. To get that buy-in, organizations should use Change Marketingto actively use the full marketing toolset internally the way they do externally. Here are 5 reasons you need to actively market the change you want to create:

1. Most transformation initiatives fail due to lack of communication
If you look at reasons given for transformation initiatives failing, from vision not being understood to people not buying in, you can trace that back to communication. At its heart, marketing is all about communication and persuasion.

2. Communication planning helps you tailor your communication to the audience.
Whether you are using content marketing, inbound marketing, conversion optimization or other marketing techniques on your internal audience, they invite personalization and thinking about how to structure your communication to gain buy-in. Connecting the message visually to the action items that need to be delivered in order to realize that vision provides a foundation for confirming understanding.

3. Most people are visual. Taking time to construct your visual language helps unlock that understanding.
Taking the time to document what you are marketing and how you want to market it to the organization in order to gain what buy-in helps set the stage for building a visual language that you can use to get there. “A picture is worth a thousand words” precisely because 60-65% of the population are visual thinkers.

4. Persuasion is more powerful than force – and more effective.
Unfortunately the corporate hierarchy often leads to persuasion by diktat – which isn’t very effective against the power of the everyday inertia of an organization. Contrast that with the power of empowerment – people understanding their role, seeking out the resources and skills they need and acting in an accountable way because they have bought-in to the change necessary, and can easily connect their role to how it contributes to the achievement of the vision. Change is still hard, but it’s a lot easier when everyone is pulling in the same direction.

5. People exist to help each other – getting them to buy-in creates a force multiplier.
One thing that makes marketing go viral is the inherit social nature of humans and our desire to help each other through sharing information we value. Organizing your change marketing in terms of templates, components and instructions helps to those you have gained buy-in from to be change agents themselves and spreading your marketing message throughout the organization.

Using visualizations and adapting a marketing mindset will greatly increase your chance of successfully planning and implementing change. Transformation is focused on providing the best solution to supporting you in this. If you are looking to implement Change Marketing at your organization, let’s talk!