Author: Greg

How to integrate Hubspot with your Customer Journey Maps

Customer journey maps are increasing in importance as a way to envision, execute and monitor great experiences for prospects and customers along the journey of different interactions they have with your company. One key problem with the classic maps made up of sticky notes, drawings and flow charts is that they are static after they […]

5 Ways Customer Journey Mapping Helps SaaS Companies Grow Their Business

Customer journey mapping is growing in importance among Software as a Service providers, as ever more companies realize that it creates a unique and powerful lens to truly break down siloes and focus the company on creating the types of great customer experiences that reduce churn, grow revenue and create armies of advocates in the […]

What is a touchpoint inventory?

In the context of digital transformation, customer experience planning, and customer journey mapping, you may have heard of a touchpoint inventory. In this post we’ll explain what that is, how to use it, and what benefit you get from the exercise. Definition: A touchpoint inventory is both the process and the result of gathering together […]

How to gather a touchpoint inventory

When seeking to create competitive advantage through great customer experiences, it pays to engage in customer journey mapping. Before you can do that though, you first need to gather your touchpoints. In this post, we’ll examine how to go about gathering an inventory of those touchpoints and how you can use software to make the […]

The importance of connectivity to digital transformation

With all the talk of the importance of digital transformation, those of us keeners who like to prepare over the holidays for the coming year are looking for an edge. To find an edge, you need to look at the digital business network – looking at your business as an ecosystem. An ecosystem said plainly […]

5 Challenges to Building a Marketing Technology Stack

In the latest Gartner survey on Enterprise Marketing Technology Spend it was found that CMO’s are on track to spend more on technology every year than CIO’s, a prediction previously made that is now coming true. The various technologies that make up that spend has been called the marketing technology stack. Here are five key […]

Sample technology evaluation process

Technologies are becoming a key part of the overall customer journey mix of people, processes, content and technology. A recent Gartner study found enterprise marketers are spending 33% of their total marketing budget on technologies alone. With that in mind, it’s increasingly important to have a process for evaluation technologies both before the purchase and […]

Top 10 Content Marketing World Vendors By Integrations

A critical part of any new technology evaluation and analysis is how that new technology integrates with what you already have and what you might plan to add going forward. With the many content marketing software vendors that exhibited at Content Marketing World 2016, we thought it would be useful to analyze who integrates with […]